10 awesome ideas to help you create the ultimate housewarming gift

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When a friend moves into a new home, it’s cause for celebration. Whether you’re swinging by to casually check out the new digs or you are attending a formal housewarming party, bringing a gift is essential. But do the new homeowners really need more dish towels? Probably not.

Delight your loved ones and show your support with a few unique and useful presents. Select one from this list or pair several together to create the ultimate housewarming gift basket.

1. An address stamp
A custom address stamp is a thoughtful gift that will be used virtually every day when the homeowners label letters. Select a design online to add a little elegance to the stamp.

2. Bottle of upscale olive oil
Olive oil is a must-have for home cooks, and a high-quality bottle will be savored many times over. Go for good old extra virgin or flavor-infused varieties — or both!

3. Soap dispensers
The last thing new homeowners want is unsightly bathroom clutter. When you gift a stylish shower dispenser, they can say goodbye to shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles for good.

4. Cool coasters
Goodbye water rings! Unique coasters are a great gift that will last for years to come. Fun designs, personalized prints and beautiful materials like glass or stone are great options.

5. Bathroom extras
Help make their bathroom a little oasis within the home with extras that make life easier. Excellent gifts include a vanity mirror, shower squeegee and trickle tray to divert water into the sink and off of the vanity top.

6. Cookie jar with treats
Indulge your inner homemaker when you gift freshly baked cookies and place a batch in a brand-new cookie jar. Who doesn’t want a treat after a big moving day?

7. Wine decanter
A bottle of wine is a traditional housewarming gift, but you can up the ante when you pair a favorite varietal with a beautiful glass wine decanter. Cheers!

8. Family board games
Is it a family moving into the new home? It’s a big deal for kids to move to a new neighborhood. Show a little love by gifting some fun family board games to get them excited about the new place.

9. Welcome mat
Nothing says “Welcome Home” better than a lovely welcome mat ready to be placed outside the front entryway. Plus, it will help keep dirt away from those brand-new clean floors.

10. A bonsai plant
Skip flowers — the vases might be packed away anyhow. Instead, give a one-of-a-kind bonsai to make a stunning addition to any tabletop or study space.

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