10 bathroom design trends for fall 2014 and beyond

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Looking ahead to the second half of the year, there are some interesting and inspirational things happening in bathroom design. Don’t miss out on these 10 stylish design trends and affordable upgrades:

1. Mixed materials

More bathrooms are featuring a refined mix of materials. Bamboo wood floors are elegantly paired with glazed tiles and chrome hardware for a look that is effortlessly chic.

2. Smart storage

Smart organization options make it easy to have an organized bathroom. Consider options like chrome shower shelves that hold bottles and stylish toilet caddies that cradle toilet paper, magazines and more.

3. Streamlined silhouettes

Simple elegance and smooth, uninterrupted lines dominate bathroom design. From curvilinear light fixtures to deep oval soaking tubs, clean silhouettes add sophistication to bathroom spaces.

4. Luxury shower

Showers are where the mundane becomes the miraculous. Adding a luxury touch to a current shower is as simple as purchasing a comfortable spa seat and installing a massaging shower head.

5. Hands-free

Touchless bathroom features are growing in popularity. Tap into this trend by swapping a dated faucet with new sensor-activated options. Consider adding touch-free accessories, too, like modern automatic soap dispensers.

6. Cocoa chic

Brown is overtaking gray and emerging as the new “it” neutral. From soft cocoa hues to deep chocolate tones, brown palettes are in demand for bathrooms and beyond.

7. Pattern perfect

There’s no need to fear pattern in the powder room, as thoughtful touches make bold design statements. Reach for houndstooth, chevron and classic stripes to add personality and timeless style.

8. Statement lighting

Upgrading bathroom lighting provides fashion and function no matter the size of the space. Add a touch of ooh-la-la with a statement fixture like a mini-chandelier over the vanity or pretty pendent over the tub.

9. Mirrors

Streamline the day’s tasks with a double-sided wall-mount vanity mirror that can be removed from the wall with ease. This affordable update is a big time-saver, plus it adds modern metallic flare.

10. Creative backsplashes

Granite still reigns king for countertops, but touches of creativity are found in backspashes. Different shades of tile, metal and stone gracefully adorn bathroom backsplashes today.

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2 Responses to 10 bathroom design trends for fall 2014 and beyond

  • Alexa S says:

    I read the part about mixed materials and wood floors for updating the bathroom. My concern is water damage and warping with the moisture from the shower, tub, etc. Is there a specific wood that stands up better than other for bathroom projects, or is laminate a better route altogether?

  • Nicole says:

    I liked these! They really have me thinking outside of the box. I am hoping to find some touchless fixtures that will fit into our budget. One of the biggest problems we have is that we had one tiny little mirror, so we bought a vanity mirror on here a few months ago and it’s already made the space a little more livable. Definitely taking some of these ideas for a little reno!

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