10 Cool Bath Gadgets And Shower Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

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Bath Gadgets And Shower Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

When people close the bathroom door to climb in the shower, they expect a certain level of comfort. Almost all of us want to be spoiled in the shower. Women, especially, want a massaging shower; to tap a screen to adjust the water pressure and temperature, as well as jets, a rain showerhead, and music.

Bathroom additions can be expensive though. While we can’t do much about the shower jets, we do have some suggestions for other shower accessories that will make the shower everyone’s favorite place to go.

  1. LED Shower-head

    It is a well-studied and well-documented fact that light affects health. It’s called chromotherapy. Certain colors calm the psyche, soothe the body, adjust moods, as well as heal ailing body parts. The curious can Google walk-in bathtubs to read up on the subject. The colors most used in walk-in tubs are blue, green, red, and yellow.

    An LED shower-head gives bathers a massaging rain-head shower, complete with three colors adjusted by water temperature. Bathers may enjoy the health benefits of showering under pulsating blue, green, and red light. The lights operate according to water temperature, so there’s no need for batteries. The shower is easily added to an existing shower fixture, no tools necessary. It’s a steal on Amazon for $35.00. Viva la health!

  2. Aromatherapy Shower Kit

    There is an equal amount of research regarding aromatherapy in the shower. The power of essential oils has recently gained some interest. Aromatherapy has been proven beneficial in those with headaches, digestion problems, mood swings, depression, and the list goes on.

    Essential oils in the shower soak into the skin, racing to the site of the illness or problem. Once there, the properties of the plant from which the essential oil was derived then goes to work on the problem. Lavender, tea tree oil, orange, and evening primrose are the most popular scents in aromatherapy.

    Shower heads with cartridges containing the essential oil in question are available from both Amazon and eBay with varying costs. eBay has the best price at $80 to $90.

    Also available are shower heads with built-in cartridges containing water-softening materials in addition to the essential oils. These tend to be a bit cheaper than the other shower accessories, but they do the same job. These come in at around $25 from eBay and Wish.

  3. Floss In The Shower

    Lots of people like to take care of everything while they shower. They brush their teeth, clip toenails, shave etc. Why not floss at the same time? There is plenty of research on the importance of flossing. Bacteria, as well as food particles, get in between teeth to cause all manner of dental troubles. These troubles require a dentist, plus often they require unpleasant dental tools.

    Waterpik is a jet water flosser running on three AAA batteries that will do the job just fine. The shower will be used to fill the reservoir. It can even be taken along when people travel. Very affordable at less than $50.

  4. It’s Time!

    Some people take too much time in the shower simply because there’s no clock in the bathroom. Relaxing while cleansing oneself takes time. We think it’s wrong to have a clock in every room in the house but the bathroom. That’s why we thought this was a nifty thing for the shower.

    The Atomic Shower Clock sets itself by radio frequency from the National Time Observatory, located in Colorado. The clock shows the day and date as well as the time. Amazon offers it for less than $20.

  5. Champagne Bucket Chiller

    Many bathers appreciate lit aromatic candles and music when bathing. Why not enjoy a favored bottle of chilled attitude adjustment in the shower? While this coolest of shower accessories was made to clip onto a bathtub, it can still chill a bottle of bubbly just as well in a shower. Not badly priced, either, at less than $50 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

  6. Singing In The Shower

    Most people shamefacedly admit to singing in the shower. Others take pride in their acoustics. Every singer, though, needs this shower speaker. Placing the phone with its music playing out of harm’s way doesn’t do it. Shower singers need a little something else.

    Enter the Bluetooth shower speaker. With six hours of playing power, it works with both iPhones as well as Android phones, tablets, iPods, MP3 and MP4 as well as other types of music players. The waterproof microphone is good for indoors, outdoors on the deck or on the boat or beach. Less than $20 on Amazon.

  7. Waterproof Notepad

    No-one can count the times they’ve been in a relaxing shower, had a great idea, and couldn’t remember it when they exited the shower. Now there’s a way to remember those great ideas. Amazon offers for ten bucks the waterproof Aqua Notes. So, go get a shower and create!

  8. But You Gotta See

    For those who do it all in the shower from shaving to flossing to toenail clipping to facials, a mirror is necessary. Attach one to the shower wall and take care of everything. There’s no limit to what can be seen in the shower, although we don’t recommend putting in contacts until exiting the shower. Ten bucks on Amazon.

  9. Here, Hold My Wine Glass

    What’s the use of a cool bubbly chilling bucket when there’s no wineglass holder? It uses suction cups to attach to the shower walls. All you have to do is attach it out of the shower spray and you’re all set. It even folds against the wall in order to save space. Again, just ten bucks on Amazon.

  10. The Ultimate Shower Organizer

    Who can count the myriad bottles of personal hygiene products in the shower? Now they can finally all be organized. For instance, use this soap dispenser to dispense shampoo, conditioner, as well as body wash while storing bottles atop the dispenser. Hang razors from the attached hooks.

    Attach this handy tool to the shower walls with the included double-sided tape, and silicone or screw it in place for a more permanent organizational solution. Amazon offers this jewel for less than $50.

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