10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

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If your bathroom is tiny or even standard size, there are ways to make it appear larger. Try our 10 ways to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom without adding square footage to the space.

Spacious Bathroom

  1. Keep the colours simple: White, eggshell and other light colours will make your bathroom look bigger because they appear cleaner and sleeker. If you already have a light coloured tub, sink and tiles, consider getting bathroom accessories and towels to match.
  2. Avoid clutter: Store as much as you can under the sink and in cabinets. The less cluttered your bathroom looks, the bigger it’ll appear.
  3. Keep it clean: Along the lines of avoiding clutter, keeping your bathroom clean will also help it appear larger.
  4. Add mirrors: Your bathroom probably already has a mirror over the sink but adding a full-length mirror against a wall will reflect light and add depth to the room making it look larger.
  5. Open up your shelving: If you have a cabinet or vanity in your bathroom, consider removing the doors. Open shelves create the illusion of space and as an added bonus, force you to keep them tidy since the contents are visible at all times.
  6. Remove unnecessary furniture: Unless you plan on reclining while brushing your teeth, get rid of any furniture that doesn’t belong in a bathroom. While it may seem like you’re in a spa if you keep a chaise lounge or chair in your bathroom, it only makes the space issue worse.
  7. Keep it clear: Shower doors and curtains should be clear. When materials are see-through they further add to the illusion of a bigger space by opening up the room.
  8. Light should be natural: Yes, you will still need to have a light fixture in your bathroom but don’t cover your windows with curtains. Letting natural light into any room makes it look bigger. If your bathroom window is at eye-level try frosted or stained glass so no one can see inside but light can get in.
  9. The secret bathmat trick: This isn’t really a trick but if you can keep your bath mat out of sight when it’s not in use, your bathroom will look bigger. Bath mats take up space when they’re on the floor, so if you can store them when they’re not in use, all the better. If bath mat storage isn’t an option, go with a mat that is the same (or almost the same) colour as your bathroom floor allowing it to blend in.
  10. Go big with your tiles: The rule of thumb – or in this case hand – is to go with bathroom tiles that are bigger than your palm. Bigger tiles reflect light more easily which is another way to create the illusion of a larger space. Additionally, smaller tiles attract more dirt and grime than their larger counterpart.

A clean, uncluttered space, natural light and a simple colour scheme are easy tricks for creating the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it is. Add a plant and some candles, and you’ll also have the serene bathroom of your dreams.

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