$100 to $10K – Bathroom remodel ideas for any budget

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A remodel can take your bathroom from dingy and drab to fantastic and fab. The drawback? Often a hefty investment. Depending on the extent of your remodel, renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars. What’s the best way to maximize your efforts?


The first step is to determine your budget. With as little as $100 you can still make impactful improvements, but you need to plan wisely and keep your ideas realistic. If you have $10,000, you can dream bigger and plan to update larger components of the space.

$100 budget update

If you think strategically, $100 can go surprisingly far in refreshing a dated bathroom space. Focus on additions that cut clutter while boosting functionality. For example, create a clean look in your shower with modern soap and shampoo dispensers. Upscale organization doesn’t require an upscale price tag when you add sleek vanity organizers and a hair dryer caddy. Finally, replace your shower curtain with one that features a bold pattern or rich color and the whole space will feel energized.

$1,000 moderate remodel

You’ve crunched the numbers and can spend $1,000 updating your bathroom. The walls and floor take up the most visual real estate and should be a priority. Fresh paint is the most affordable update. Tile for walls and flooring is more expensive but may be within your budget depending on the size of the space. Beyond the walls and floors, consider replacing a dated vanity or updating the current one with paint and new hardware. Finally, add new linens, rugs and mats for a clean finish.

$10,000+ upscale remodel

If you have a sizable budget of $10,000 or more you can research major updates. Unless you’re very skilled, consider hiring a contractor to ensure a professional result. Some of the most valuable and useful updates in upscale remodels include expanding shower spaces, replacing a jetted tub with a soaking tub, adding granite or quartz countertops and swapping out double sinks for modern trough style sinks. These additions cost more but have plenty of wow factor that add big value at resale.

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