Drab to fab: 5 ideas for upgrading your bathroom on a budget

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On a strict budget? That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a drab bathroom that falls short when it comes to style and function. Consider simple upgrades that transform the look and feel of your bathroom for less.

Mirror makeover
A mirror is a main focal point of the bathroom. A dated, dirty or scratched one brings down the appearance of the entire space. If a new mirror is out of your budget, consider painting the frame a trendy new color or buying a mirror-framing kit that lets you add a stylish frame to an existing mirror in a few simple steps.

New vanity top
You might long for an entirely new vanity for your bathroom, but that can quickly become costly. If the structure is sound, consider giving it a facelift with a new vanity top. Affordable granite and quartz vanity tops that are prefabricated with a sink attached are available at home improvement stores everywhere.

Updated hardware
Like what jewelry does for an outfit, the hardware in your bathroom adds the perfect finishing touch. Is yours looking a bit retro? It’s easy to replace dated hardware with modern options. Shop around and find finishes and styles you like; right now, brushed finishes are hot and brass is making a comeback. All you need is a screwdriver and within minutes you’ll have a whole new look.

Wondrous wall quotation
If you want to add some personality to your bathroom but new artwork isn’t in the budget, consider a wall decal that features a meaningful quotation. Decals are affordable, easy to apply and readily available online. Just make sure to look for one that is appropriate for bathroom spaces so it doesn’t peel prematurely due to the humidity.

Refreshed ceiling
A freshly painted ceiling instantly brightens a room, and the bathroom’s smaller footprint means a minimal investment of time and money. Fresh white is classic, but don’t fear thinking outside the box when it comes to the fifth wall. Light yellow or sky blue can also add fresh style and reflect light beautifully.

Creative, colorful rugs
Finally, don’t forget to look down when updating your bathroom, as your rug has probably seen better days. For a few bucks you can amp up the room’s style with a fun rug that features bold prints like paisley, chevron or stripes. Your toes will say “thank you” while your eyes will say “ooh la la.”


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