3 Bathroom Colour Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

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2018 Bathroom Colour Trends

Changing the colour of your bathroom, whether via the paint colour or colour accents, is a great way to completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

If you’re looking to change the look of your bathroom, but you’re not sure what colours to opt for, here are 3 bathroom colour trends of 2018 that you can use as inspiration.

  1. Black Everything
    Think of black as the new neutral. In 2018, you are going to see a lot more black. This includes black floors and even black bathtubs! The great thing about black is that it goes great with just about any colour you may already have in your bathroom.It’s also a great way to add drama to your bathroom.
  2. Pastels
    Pastels are another colour trend to look out for in 2018. Mint greens and sandy pinks will be especially popular as a colour combination in 2018.Neutrals like cream and beige have always been the most popular choice in bathrooms everywhere; after all, they tend to age well and can fit with any design scheme. However, this is changing.

    Instead, ‘colour’ is becoming the new trend, particularly more bolder colours that are cheerful and create a bright space to enter into in the morning.

    Bright pastels are also becoming a new trend overall—not just soft pastels.

  3. Pinks
    Different shades of pink will also be particularly trendy in 2018. In fact, pink has already become a mainstay in interior design.Again, don’t think that you have to go all out on a colour; you can always incorporate any of these colours in smaller doses. For example, you can incorporate colour via your towels, rugs, or even via your light fixtures.

The Takeaway

While bathrooms colours are moving away from neutrals to brighter shades, remember that some more timeless rules still apply, particularly when it comes to choosing colours that are flattering on your skin.

This means avoiding colours like green and yellow, for example. Green tones can make you look older while yellow colours can make your skin look jaundiced when the colour reflects in the shadows of your face.

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