3 Bathroom Tips for Makeup Lovers

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Instead of rushing each morning to find your lipstick and blush, wouldn’t it better to have a bathroom where every makeup item is stored and ready for when you need it? How about a bathroom that has been designed for easy makeup applications?

Bathroom Makeup Kit

Bathroom designs are now taking into consideration these functional needs of makeup lovers across the country. In this article, we’ll be outlining three of the latest expert bathroom upgrade tips for makeup lovers.

1. Utilize Magnifying Double-Sided Vanity Mirrors

To ensure the makeup application process is as quick and efficient as possible, you’ll need double-sided vanity mirrors. These mirrors feature one side with 5-times magnification, which will allow you to gain a clear and up-close view of your face to ensure your makeup is applied effectively. Whether it’s liquid eyeliner or tricky plucking in your brows, a close-up reflection will ensure your makeup remains on-point.

Products such as Better Living Product’s Valet Mirror also provide a stylish addition to bathroom space, and it features an extension arm that easily attaches to bathroom walls. It’s a high caliber, flexible mirror that is available for those mornings when you need fast, effective makeup applications.

2. Integrate Flora Vanity Organizers

You don’t want to spend most of your restricted morning time trying to locate hair brushes and makeup products. To deal with the issue, the Flora Vanity Organizers have been designed using clear, durable resin to support exceptional durability within a business bathroom environment. They also feature a compact design to ensure they easily fit into bathroom cabinet drawers. It’s the type of organization system that will help assure a calm routine in the morning and still offer luxurious style.

3. Choose Boutique Shower Baskets

Upscale shower storage areas are one of the latest trends in the bathroom renovation marketplace. You might find that these Bath Boutique solid brass fixtures can provide you with the ideal storage space for makeup remover products. The chrome finishes of the products provide the hotel-style luxury that can uplift your bathroom space. They also provide the convenience of a purpose designed storage system that fits conveniently within any shower area. And because Better Living Products are simple to install and come replete with all mounting hardware, you won’t have to wait long to begin using them during your post-work downtime.

By carefully creating your bathroom environment for convenient makeup applications and a comfortable experience, you can eliminate those mornings of frustration and the rushing to get ready for social occasions. To learn further tips for building your ideal bathroom, speak with our trusted specialists today!

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