3 Cool Lighting Options for the Bathroom

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When choosing lighting for your bathroom there are many aspects to consider. First, you will need task lighting to illuminate key areas of the bathroom such as the vanity. The lighting used around your vanity is important in grooming activities so it often is foremost in peoples’ minds when making lighting choices for their bathroom. The biggest mistake people can make is to use recessed ceiling fixtures above a mirror or vanity as it casts shadows across the face. Vertical fixtures or sconces mounted on either side of the mirror are the best solution as they will cast an even light across your features and make grooming easier.

Ambient lighting is also an important aspect to consider. This type of lighting acts as a substitute for natural light and is most often supplied by a central fixture of some kind, often a surface mounted ceiling light. For a bit of variety, why not instead consider a pendant lamp or chandelier? Another great option is cove lighting which makes use of molding dropped below the level of the roof behind which rope lights can be installed. This creates a lovely, soft glow around the perimeter of the room and prevents glare on mirrors. You may also wish to install accent lighting in the form of small, recessed spotlights directed at art or accents to your décor.

So now that we’ve discussed the basics, let’s talk about some ideas for putting this information to good use:

  1. Create Layers:
  2. Layers

    To create a dreamy, luxurious feel the secret is in creating soft layers of light that make the room feel well-illuminated and inviting without being too bright or clinical. To achieve this, combine make-up lighting, wall sconces, decorative ceiling lights, and perimeter recessed lighting as shown above. Each fixture is not very bright but the overall effect becomes one of a well-lit, comfortable space.

    LED lighting is the perfect solution for a soft dreamy glow and can be used for excellent ambient lighting. Remember the key to ambient lighting is positioning so place your LEDS underneath vanities, on the sides of niches or shelves, and in cove lighting along the perimeter of the ceiling.

  3. Shades:
  4. Shades

    Subtle lighting effects can also be created through expert use of shades as demonstrated in this luxurious bathroom. The large ceiling light provides excellent illumination while being subdued by the beautiful, laser-cut lamp shade. Matching lighting by the day bed and above the vanity bring illumination into the areas that require it while complementing the stunning piece.

  5. Hollywood Glam:
  6. Hollywood Glam

    Strip lighting at the top and bottom of a mirror is a great way to illuminate mirrors too large to place the lighting on either side. Combined with these great tiles, the lighting effect is stunning and jewel-like and helps to create a moody atmosphere reminiscent of a Hollywood dressing room. Another way to add some glam and color to your bathroom is to think about what is in your jewelry box: beaded lampshades are a gorgeous way to bring some color and glam into your bathroom design.

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