3 Essentials For The Morning Routine Checklist Before School

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When school’s back in session, traffic jams in the bathroom become the norm. Get a step ahead of the chaos and make a plan that will keep the bathroom schedule running smoothly and your bathroom sparkling clean.

1. Make a plan: When two or three people want to get a shower in, it’s important to settle on a bathroom routine ahead of time. One way to do this is to stagger the schedule. As one person showers, the other can eat breakfast and brush their teeth. If possible, see if anyone is willing to take on night showers.

If they are old enough, task them with coming up with a plan themselves. If they have to work through the logistics (and learn from their mistakes), you’re helping them build life skills.

2. Get organized: Before the school year begins, take a fresh look at your bathroom layout. Toss those old, abandoned, mostly emptied bottles of deep conditioner and other products. If you have the space, make use of storage bins and drawer organizers to keep every child’s items contained and organized.

3. Set expectations: If the kids have been leaving the bathroom in a less-than-tidy state, the start of the school year is an optimal time to hit the reset button. Tell them how the bathroom should look when they are done: towels hung, toiletries put away, countertops and sink wiped clean. While you’re at it, set up a twice-weekly cleaning schedule, and dole out the duties so everyone takes a turn.

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