3 simple ways to achieve a geometric bathroom design

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Modernize your bathroom in a flash with the addition of some simple bathroom designs. Geometric decor is among the hottest trends for an eccentric space. Best of all, revitalizing your bathroom is easy with a few well-placed patterns, prints and accessories. Here are some geometric bathroom ideas you can try today.

Add shape to your walls

A few coats of bright colors of paint here, a few overlapping triangles there, and you’ve got yourself an unconventional, geo design. If you don’t have the time (or energy, or money, or attention to detail) to meticulously paint an intricate geometric design on your bathroom wall, funky wallpaper designs are another choice.

Ponder floor patterns and prints

Whether you have a tiled floor that needs a complete update or you simply want to cover up with a geometrically designed rug, you’ve got options. Brilliant patterns can supplement your space with a boost of color, interest and appeal. If you already have a vivid print in bold colors on the wall, try a more subdued yet complementary design for the floor.

Get the right accessories

Simple yet elegant geometric designs are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your bathroom. From a modern plant holder to an artful toilet tissue reserve, discover accessories that are both stylish and functional. The ROLLO Toilet Tissue Reserve features a contemporary Hexacube design that creates a truly unique asymmetrical pattern.

Ready to get started on your new bathroom design? Find the geometric decor you need with products from Better Living.

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