3 Steps Great Hosts Take to Tidy Up Bathrooms for Out-of-Town Guests

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It’s fun when out-of-town friends and family come to stay at your home. Being a host, however, can also be a lot of work. When it comes to readying the house, preparing the bathroom is often the most dreaded task. Fortunately you can employ a few tricks to not only make your abode look fantastic, but also to serve guests well throughout their stay.

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Step 1. Quick bathroom-cleaning tips
Don’t wait until the last minute to clean the guest bathroom. It’s wise to do a deep clean two days before guests arrive. Start by washing all the rugs and linens, and while they run in the laundry, scrub the toilet, wipe down the shower and clean all metal surfaces and mirrors so they sparkle. Throw the clean laundry in the dryer and focus on clutter. Toss unneeded extras and place must-have items in drawers. Finish by replacing fresh linens and rugs back in your now-clean bathroom. Just a couple hours, and now your bathroom looks (and smells) fabulous!

Step 2: Add everyday essentials
Think ahead to what guests may need and prepare the bathroom accordingly. In addition to fresh towels, set out a folded set of wash rags. Add the WAVE Tissue Roll Holder to stylishly store extra toilet paper rolls and guests will never have to be embarrassed to ask you for more toilet paper. Make sure you have shampoo, conditioner and a fresh bar of soap available should they need it.

Step 3: Remember creature comforts
If you want to really impress guests, you can add a few creature comforts to make them feel right at home. Set out a few bottles of water for sipping or to use when brushing their teeth. Make sure to set out a box of tissue and consider adding a small basket on the vanity for lotion, lip balm, toothpaste and toothbrush for guests to use. A magazine or book is a nice touch as well.

Savvy guests know a little preparation goes a long way toward happy guests and a low-stress visit for everyone. These three steps are sure to make you look like the host or hostess with the moistest!

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