3 Things To Avoid When Creating A Modern Bathroom

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When it comes to creating a modern bathroom, you’ll want to spend some time mulling over things like layout, theme and design — and you should definitely figure out a budget you can work with.

Modern Bathroom Designs

No lesser authority than home renovation expert Mike Holmes says that bathroom and kitchen renovations not only will boost the worth of your home more than will renovations to other areas of your residence, but also will offer the best return on investment. So choosing to create a modern bathroom makes sense on a dollars and cents level, which will help you to justify the outlay of cash.

That said, for every good decision you can make when creating the bathroom of your dreams, there are many more potential bad decisions you can make. In order to help you stay on the right path, this article covers 3 things to avoid when creating a modern bathroom.

  1. Windowless Box

    One of the things you should avoid if at all possible is creating a bathroom in a space where there is no window. You want the bathroom space to be a comfortable place to be, and getting the sort of ambience needed to make the bathroom inviting will be hard if your bathroom is a windowless box. In the event that you simply cannot have a window in your bathroom, then the next best thing is to put in a skylight that will give you and others who use the bathroom natural light and some fresh air.

  2. Going Against the Flow

    Although it’s great to get creative when creating a modern bathroom, you need to avoid going against the flow. In other words, you should ensure that whatever style or theme direction you take with the bathroom fits in with the rest of your dwelling. While you can ultimately do whatever you want with your space, one of the unwritten rules of remodeling is that you shouldn’t treat any room as though it’s an entity separate from the rest of your home. So go with the flow, and make sure that your modern bathroom fits in with the overall look of your house.

  3. Poor Planning

    When you plan your modern bathroom, you need to be realistic in terms of how much space you have to work with. For instance, you might have to make your bathroom a three-piece bathroom rather than a four-piece bathroom, and you might have to settle for a smaller vanity or tub in order to get the most out of your space. So take out the tape measure, grab a pen and a note pad and plan accordingly so that things will go well when you get down to doing the project.

Creating a modern bathroom makes a lot of sense whether you plan to remain in your home for the foreseeable future or if you plan to do some remodeling before putting it on the market. Just be mindful of the sort of blunders that can ruin your project so that you get the results you want.

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