3 Tips For Preventing Water Waste In The Bathroom

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Water bills are never something to look forward to, but with a little effort and mindfulness in the bathroom, they can be significantly reduced!

Preventing Water Waste In Bathroom

Most people are guilty of wasting water, but more often than not we’re oblivious to how we’re doing it. In order to reduce the cost of your monthly bills, we’re highlighting the three main things you and your family can do to cut down on water waste!

Check Your Toilet for Leaks

The first culprit to investigate in this matter is your toilet. Make sure that the toilet has no leaks and doesn’t constantly run. Believe it or not, a leaky toilet can waste up to seven gallons of water every day!

Additionally, older toilets waste more water per flush than newer, more eco-friendly ones. Toilets installed prior to 1992 use at least 3 gallons per flush as opposed to today’s models, which only use a little over one gallon. If you cannot afford a low-flow toilet, you can still reduce the amount of water it uses by displacing the water in the toilet tank.

Common tricks people use to do this include placing a brink or a bottle of water in the tank. This will change the water distribution and will result in less wasted water used when flushing!

Don’t Let Your Faucet Run While Brushing Your Teeth

Toilets aren’t the only reason hundreds of gallons of water are wasted every year; many people are forgetful when it comes to turning the water off while they brush their teeth.

On average, people brush their teeth up to 45 seconds, although dentists recommend that each brushing cycle lasts two minutes. In the former timeframe, roughly two gallons of water are wasted. That leads to over 600 gallons of water carelessly wasted in only a year’s time by people who leave the faucet running!

Avoid Taking Baths

Taking a warm bath is a great way to relive muscle tension. However, a typical bath requires at least 35 to 50 gallons of water.

Stick to showers, and consider replacing your showerhead to a low-flow showerhead which only uses 25 gallons per shower. While you wait for the water to get hot, place a bucket under the showerhead to save what would normally go down the drain. You can use this clean water to water your plants or to flush the toilet.

There are many creative ways to save on your water bill; you simply have to remain mindful while in the bathroom and encourage your family to stay involved!

2 Responses to 3 Tips For Preventing Water Waste In The Bathroom

  • Yuki, Toronto says:

    I’m always on my son’s case about not leaving the tap running when he brushes his teeth. Thanks for the stats! Now I can let him know just how much he’s affecting the environment! That’ll teach him 😉

  • Ann, Brampton says:

    We live in an old house and we’ve had the same toilet forever. I didn’t realize how much water we were wasting just by flushing! I’m shocked. We do have the extra money available and I’m definitely going to look into getting a low-flow toilet. Does anyone have any suggestions for easy ways to make changes to our water usage in the meantime? Thanks!

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