3 Trendy Accessories to Add to your Bathroom from Better Living

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An organized bathroom requires a lot of accessories in order to keep everything in its place but this doesn’t mean that your vanity or shelves need to be cluttered with a bunch of mismatched or purely functional items. There are many ways to add the accessories and functionality you require without sacrificing your sense of style. Here are some great accessories to help you stay organized and keep your bathroom looking great at the same time.

In-Shower Organizers

Ulti-Mate Dispenser IIIThis convenient shower dispenser has 3 different pumps which can be filled with your choice of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or whatever else you desire. The top shelf can be used to store additional bottles and shower accessories while the hooks leave plenty of room for razors or shower puffs. The Ulti-Mate Dispenser III also includes a soap tray and a fog-resistant shaving mirror and is easy to install in minutes without tools.

STORit Large BasketStylishly designed, this STORit large basket features a unique bracket system which can be installed on any surface at any height with no tools. It will store a variety of shower bottles and will not swing under uneven loads. Made of high quality stainless steel, it holds up to 20 lbs and features integrated hooks for handing items like razors or shower puffs.

Toilet Paper Storage

Wave Toilet CaddyThis charming Wave Toilet Caddy features a chrome finish which adds a nice touch of style to the bathroom. Because it is vertical, it takes up very little space and it is compact and study enough to fit in just about any bathroom. Made of chrome plated steel, its attractive and stylish wave design keeps your toilet paper rolls neat, tidy, and at hand when they are needed.

Vantage 8 MirrorThis classic mirror will give your bathroom a sense of chic while adding a super practical way for you to shave, apply make up, pluck eyebrows, etc. The Vantage 8 Mirror allows you to cover every square inch of your face with is 8 inch double sided 5X mirrored surface. Great for small or large bathroom, pick on up today!

We hope you enjoyed our list of trendy bathroom accessories from Better Living.

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