4 Hot Wallpaper Trends to Try in the Bathroom

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If you’re looking to give your bathroom a real lift, have you considered the possibilities of wallpaper?

If the word conjures up images of granny florals and cement-like adhesives, you may question this choice. But wallpaper has evolved both in terms of design and application. Plus the payoff is adding rich color, texture and even a touch of whimsical fun to your bathroom. Here are some wallpaper trends and ideas to consider.

A wallpapered shower area? Yes!
Thanks to vinyl-coated possibilities, you can hang wallpaper in your bathroom — even in the tub or shower area — without needing to worry that moisture and humidity will make the edges curl back.

Bring on the sparkle and shine
A gleam of metal incorporated with rich hues, like turquoise or magenta, can add drama and sparkle to a room and make you feel like a movie star. Embellishments like beading and glass can add another light-catching, exciting element to your bathroom design.

Add definition to bright colors
An embossed design in a bold hue adds a touch of luxury to the room and can even go back to those quaint plaster textures that the Victorians once embraced.

Get graphic
Say goodbye to the limited, repeated patterns of yore and hello to large-scale designs. If you have a larger, unbroken wall to play with, explore the possibilities of big colors, unusual patterns and bold design to express your style and taste to perfection. Display a replica of your favorite work of art, dazzle with a bold abstract, or bring a unique aquatic scene to life — whatever inspires you, wallpaper’s possibilities are endless.

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