4 Products to Speed up your Morning Routine

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With everything these days feeling so fast-paced, people are always on the lookout for a shortcut to shave time off even the simplest things, and your morning routine is no exception!

STORit 2 Tier Basket

We have put together a list of great items for your bathroom to keep you in high gear by speeding up your morning routine with a little bit of innovation and style!

  • The Shower Dispenser
  • Don’t you love when you hit the gym or the spa and the shower is stocked full with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and luxury lotion all in one handy-dandy dispenser? All you need is available at the touch of a button and without the fuss and muss of bottles scattered all over. Not to mention the lovely little ring of grime they leave behind for your guests’ prying eyes!

    You can turn your shower into a home spa with a single or multi-chambered dispenser, bringing the spa quality to your own shower. You can even choose from a variety of silhouettes in hard plastic to chrome plated to match the finish of your own bathroom!

  • The Shower Caddy
  • If you love the idea of having all of your bath products organized in one place but don’t quite like the idea of a mountable dispenser, it’s still a good idea to get something that keeps all of your products in one place to keep you from spending time searching for what you need. A sleek caddy like the STORit Stainless steel Shower Caddy comes in a variety of configurations that feature a no-tools-needed mounting system to fit in any shower. There are even caddy’s out there that can hold up to 4.5 lbs!

  • The Vanity Mirror
  • Vanity mirrors are the perfect way to speed up tweezing regimes and make-up application. The magnified glass allows for improved visualization that saves time on touch-ups. Plus you won’t have the added hassle of having to find somewhere to put your hand-held mirrors when you’re done with them since most vanity mirrors store conveniently against the wall.

  • The Squeegee
  • Unfortunately, long, hot showers come along with stubborn soap grime and build up. Having a squeegee on hand to eliminate water beads and soapy messes while the steam and water are still present lowers the chance for that grime to cake on. It’s a preventative measure that will save countless time throughout the year!

With these ideas to help you shave down your morning routine, you’ll have a few extra minutes to grab that coffee before work or hit snooze just one last time!

2 Responses to 4 Products to Speed up your Morning Routine

  • Jen Jones says:

    We started using a squeegee last winter, just a quick swipe when we finish taking a shower. I can’t believe how much of a difference it’s made., I have to clean the inside of the shower now about half as often as I used to. Much less grime and soap buildup.

  • Davita says:

    I had the idea of getting a shower caddy for our stand up shower because of the lack of space we had. It made for more space and it doesn’t look so awful when I have guests come stay over with me! I highly recommend this product.

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