4 Steps to a Neat and Organized Medicine Cabinet

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The time comes for all of us when we have to face facts: The medicine cabinet is out of control and needs your attention. Now that we’re heading into a time of year when staying indoors is so inviting, this is a great time to wrangle the disaster in your medicine cabinet and turn it into a tidier, more attractive space.
Step 1: Start sorting
You’ll be emptying out the entire cabinet so you can clean it. Before you start, create “zones” on your counter-top so you can sort everything by category, such as cosmetics, first aid and medications. This makes consolidating duplicates like boxes of bandages and pain relievers much easier. Just make sure nothing has reached the expiration date. If you find these, set them aside.
Step 2: Purge properly
Everyone brings home a shade of lipstick or a tube of something they use only once. If you find yourself with a few of these unwanted but barely used new cosmetics, round up a few friends for a beauty swap party. Your rejects could go home as someone else’s treasures.
As for vitamins and meds, if you find you have expired or unneeded bottles on your hands, set them aside and do your homework before you discard. Is there a drug take-back program in your community that safely disposes of unwanted medications for you?
Step 3: Get sparkling clean
Using a non-abrasive cleaning solution and paper towels, remove and clean the shelves in your cabinet, wipe down the interior and allow to dry. Or, update your medicine cabinet with this sleek, mirrored unit from Better Living. With its adjustable glass shelves and stainless steel walls, staying clean and organized in the bathroom is a snap!
Step 4: Get organized
While putting items away, create a system. One is to organize items by category, so everything has a home. However, it might make more sense in your family to group things by family member. Whatever you do, be sure and label containers or shelves as a handy reminder.

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