4 steps to get your kids to help clean the bathroom

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Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most dreaded household tasks, yet it’s one of the most important rooms to keep tidy. Family bathrooms get dirty quickly due to their constant use. Fortunately, if you have kids, you also have helpers who can assist with the cleaning duties.

Getting kids to clean the bathroom isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Kids are capable of basic cleaning tasks and there’s no reason the bathroom should be off-limits. With the right direction and some safe cleaners, cleaning the bathroom can become part of a productive weekly routine.

Step 1: Stock up on supplies
Get child-size rubber gloves and any necessary cleaning tools. Purchase or make non-toxic cleaner. Natural cleaners can be incredibly effective but are safer for kids and adults to be around. Just make sure kids understand not to ingest or spray in the eyes.

Step 2: Set expectations
Your child’s definition of clean is likely very different from yours. Set expectations so your kids know what to do. Create your own guide or print off a bathroom cleaning checklist. Smaller children can help with tasks like emptying the trash and collecting dirty towels while older kids can tackle cleaning the toilet, sink and mirrors.

Step 3: Supervise
Some parents supervise during every cleaning while others watch just the first few times until kids get the hang of it. Your approach will depend on the age and maturity of your kids. For multiple children, set up teams of two to tackle bathrooms. When supervising, don’t point out everything immediately; give them independence to work through the checklist.

Step 4: Praise and rewards
Positive reinforcement really makes an impact. Give lots of praise and remember, while it may not be perfect, their help can really make a difference. Plus, you’re setting them up for success down the road when they move out. Finally, whether it’s part of their responsibilities to earn an allowance or you go out for ice cream every now and again, rewards can be a great motivator.

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