4 tips and tricks for an organized medicine cabinet

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You have a dull headache and you’re rummaging through your bathroom cabinets, searching for relief. You come up empty handed, only finding expired bottles of cough medicine and other clutter, while your headache rages on. If this has ever happened to you, you know how important it is to keep your medicine cabinet organized.

Take a look at these bathroom storage solutions to keep your space clean, safe and clutter free:

Create a door pocket

Your medicine cabinet is small enough, so why not add a little extra flexible space? Attach a pouch or a few pockets to the inside of your cabinet to keep sharp, pointy objects both organized and safe. Check out an easy tutorial here.

Use magnetic strips

Free up precious shelf space by hanging metal objects — like tweezers, manicure scissors, nail clippers, nail files or bobby pins — from magnet strips stuck to the inside of your cabinet. All you need is a strong magnetic strip with adhesive on one side, which you can find at any local craft or hardware store.

Organize strategically

You know which essentials you use every single day, so place those on the bottom shelf for easy access. Then, work your way up, organizing by frequency of use. Items used weekly or less, like special-occasion hair accessories and nail polish can find a place on the top shelf.

Decorate with a bright pattern

Just because your medicine cabinet keeps you organized doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Take out the shelves and line the back wall with a bold, colorful print to wake you up each morning. Contact paper is great for wiping down spills and splashes when things get messy.

Don’t give your bathroom the chance to turn into chaos. Use these tips to get the most out of your tiny medicine cabinet.

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