4 top kitchen and bath designers you should follow

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Whether you’re looking to remodel or you simply need a little inspiration sprinkled into your day, celebrity kitchen and bath designers are some of the best people to follow on social media. These designers send out daily snippets sparked with creativity, so hit that follow button and prepare to be inspired.



Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson’s style puts the excitement back into interior design. She specializes in eclectic design on a moderate budget. From table settings to an entire home makeover, she has tips and advice on it all.

Leslie Clagett – KBCULTURE

Leslie Clagett has a tremendous eye for quality design. As an editor for several design publications, she is truly passionate about the international kitchen and bath industry. Check out her Twitter page to find out what’s new in the kitchen and bath spaces.

Eric Cohler

Eric Cohler is known for his unique ability to fuse classic and contemporary style elements. He designs composed spaces that are also luxuriously comfortable. Follow him on Twitter to see pictures of his latest projects.

Thom Filicia

With clients like Tina Fey, Delta Airlines and Jennifer Lopez, you can’t go wrong taking inspiration from Thom Filicia. He creates stunningly modern spaces that have a classic twist, and he is known for customizing his designs to fit the individual tastes of each client.

Follow any or all of these designers to stay up to date on the latest in kitchen and bath style.

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