5 Accessories for the Minimalist Bathroom

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Bathrooms can feel impossible to keep organized, especially if you are busy and rarely get the time to perform general cleaning in your home. If you are considering going for a minimalistic bathroom and make life easier, the following Better Living Products bathroom accessories can make the perfect fit for your simplified space:

Minimalist Bathroom

1. Shower Caddies

These keep everything you need in one convenient place, while helping to de-clutter your shower space. They are usually corrosion resistant and made of stainless steel for durability. They provide a space-efficient storage solution for practically any bathrooms. Shower caddies come in a variety of styles for different placement options, and multiple adjustable shelves to hold any size of your shower essentials.

2. Towel Stands

Stylish and practical, free-standing towel stands feature a simple design with curved arms to hold your towels. They are made from a variety of durable and easy to clean finishes, like chrome, brass, satin nickel, and bronze, which go well with nearly any bathroom, whether it’s modern, regal, or Victorian.

There are many different types of bathroom towel racks, which can be hard to choose A towel stand that matches your bathroom design, sturdy enough to offer full functionality, and provides proper placement – whether free-standing or wall mountable, should be considered your best choice.

3. Hand Washing & Vanity Valets

This station features a convenient fusion of a vanity towel stand and modern hand-washing valet into a single compact organizer. It is a well thought out all-in-one solution that lets you put soap or lotion in the dispenser, and keeps your towels at a fingertip’s distance away. This compact organizer also includes a tray to rest your rings and other jewelry. These valets are space-saving solutions that will simplify your daily routine and make life a little easier.

4. Luxury shower dispensers

Providing a luxurious approach to your shower amenities, shower dispensers are not only wonderfully designed but also provide a practical solution to your daily functional needs. LINEA dispensers feature rust-proof metal features and crystal-like elements. The collection offers single to triple chambers where you can place your shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, or other fluid for your daily bath.

The chambers (double and triple) also come with an integrated stainless steel hook where you can hang your wash cloth, bath sponges, or razor. The LINEA dispensers can be installed in minutes without tools.

5. Mirrored medicine cabinet

An ultra-slim cabinet is ideal for small spaces, with a single swing door providing easy access to the contents inside.

Finally, minimalist bathrooms are easier to clean when most of your accessories are wall mounted, since there is more floor space and fewer things to block your view and path. For more accessories to vamp up your minimalist bathroom, check out the Better Living Products online store!

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