5 Bathroom Design Trends You’ll Love

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Keeping on top of bathroom design trends can ensure that your space doesn’t look outdated and run down. Here are some current bathroom design trends that you will love that are not only practical but also here to stay.

Design Trends

  1. High tech
    Our fast-paced technological society has made its way into the bathroom. Current bathroom design trends include bringing in electronics, such as putting wireless speakers into mirrors and shower heads. This is a design trend you will certainly love because it means you will be able to listen to music or watch television while you are in the shower, meaning that you will always be able to fit a little relaxation into your day.Did you know showers are becoming more popular than baths? You can upgrade your shower as well: spa-like showers—such as steam showers, water jets and multiple showerheads—are currently on trend.
  2. Smart storage solutions
    Here is another design trend that won’t ever go out of style: smart storage solutions. This means taking advantage of wall space by choosing vertical storage solutions. Another smart storage solution is open shelving.
  3. Practicality and comfort
    From curbless showers that are easier to clean, to no-threshold showers, faucets that are side-mounted and floating vanities, practicality is always trendy because it makes life easier.On that note—comfort is also on trend in bathrooms, particularly in the form of in-floor heating and towel warmers.
  4. Classic whites
    Classic whites such as white subway tiling is the type of bathroom trend that is classic and here to stay. White subway tile can go with just about any look, whether you like the industrial theme or you prefer a more classic look. When it comes to the bathroom, white subway tiles work particularly great in the tub or shower.
  5. Mediterranean-inspired design
    Ancient Mediterranean design, from countries such as Spain and Morocco, is currently in. Luckily, it is a trend that won’t actually go out of style any time soon. Think: arabesque style patterns, terra cotta tiles that have been handpainted and even mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles look great as an accent in the shower.

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