5 Bathroom Items You Have To Buy When Moving Into A New Home

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Part of the excitement of moving into a new home is making each and every space perfect. Here are some items that you should consider adding to your bathroom. Not only will they elevate it to a spa type of experience but they will also minimize clutter and maximize organization, making your mornings easy and your evenings utterly relaxing.

Bathroom Items For Your New Bathroom


  1. A Medicine CabinetWe can never have enough storage solutions. This is particularly important when we move into a new house and become eager to ensure that everything stays as neat and organized as possible. Medicine cabinets make attractive storage solutions for any bathroom, allowing you to hide all of your unsightly bottles while making them simultaneously accessible at the same time.
  2. Vanity OrganizersBathroom countertops are usually the go-to spot for holding and collecting all of our bathroom products that we need easily accessible, like toothbrushes and makeup. However, the problem is these items usually get very easily scattered, making the space both cluttered and dirty. A vanity organizer, however, will ensure that every product has a home and that these products will stay tidy.

    You can even choose a smaller vanity organizer for the top of your countertop and display your most sleek, high end products in a stylish way while filling your drawers with additional vanity organizers.

  3. A Shower CaddyFree up space alongside your bathtub for candles and other spa-type things by getting a shower caddy to hold all of your bath and shower products. Shower caddies make great additions to a new home because they will ensure that shower products are organized, easily accessible but yet out of the way (unlike traditional shower caddies that hang off of your shower head). Our selection of elegant and modern shower caddies can mount to any surface of your bathroom without the use of any tools.
  4. Shampoo and Soap DispensersA shower and soap dispenser will make you feel like you’re staying in a hotel while simultaneously removing clutter and freeing up space by putting shampoo and conditioner bottles into a convenient dispenser. You can also replace your messy soap dish beside your bathroom sink with a dispenser: not only is it very hygienic but it is sleek and modern.
  5. A Towel StandTowel stands are a great way to add instant, sleek decor to your bathroom. Having your towels close by when you are in the bath will also make you feel like you’re in a hotel. Guests will be equally impressed when you have friends and family over for the weekend.

    You can also use it to dry towels and limit laundry or use it to display your most luxurious towels. This is an especially luxurious piece in the winter months.

Better Living has a range of quality, world-leading product designs to add to your new bathroom. Contact us today for more.

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