5 bathroom organization hacks we love

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The bathroom is arguably the most frequently used room in the home. Because of the foot traffic and high usage, it is also often one of the most cluttered. Fortunately, you can keep these spaces looking pristine with five of coolest bathroom organization hacks around:

1. Magnetic strips tame metal mayhem
Adhere long magnetic strips on the inside of drawers and cabinet doors and say goodbye to disorder. All of your small metal clutter (bobby pins, barrettes, tweezers, nail clippers, earrings, etc.) will be instantly organized.

2. Dig out of drawer disorder with PVC piping
Cut PVC pipes and attach them vertically to the inside of your vanity door to create the ideal place to store curling irons. No more piles to dig through in your drawer!

3. Whine no more about towels with a wine rack
Sick of getting out of the shower and not having a fresh towel? Wondering how you can organize all your towels? A wine rack makes a perfect towel organizer, plus it looks pretty on the floor or countertop.

4. Cut cleaning-supply chaos with tension rods
Don’t let all those spray bottles you need for cleaning the bathroom take up valuable cabinet space. Instead, hang a small tension rod and simply hook the handles to raise them up and out of the way.

5. Avoid play pandemonium by organizing kids’ toys
A smart way to organize all those bathtub toys for the kiddos is to hang a second shower rod on the inside of your shower against the wall. Then, hang slotted plastic baskets from the rod and store toys when they are not in use.


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