5 Clever Bathroom Organizational Tips

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It takes only a short amount of time for that new bathroom area to become cluttered with hair care products, accessories, towels and clothes. Few other spaces in the home might also attract this level of disorganization, but as a highly trafficked room, the bathroom seems to constantly have this issue.

Organized Bathroom Accessories

If you’re looking to take back control of your bathroom space, the following five tips can help decrease the clutter and bring back a sense of peaceful order.

1. Integrate a Larger Shower Caddy

That small shower caddy space might have worked for you before you had your first child, but in the intervening years, your family has grown and now there are multiple shower products placed in and around the shower space.

By integrating a larger shower caddy into the area outside your shower, you can reduce the clutter. You might also consider building the shower caddy into the wall, to further save bathroom space.

2. Consider the Space Overhead

You might have only a small amount of bathroom space available, but that doesn’t stop you from considering all available storage options! Try to use space above toilets and above sink areas to store essentials such as soap, toilet paper and cleaning products.

3.  Adjustable Under Sink Organizers

The space under your sink is one of the most often used areas for storing bathroom products, yet few homeowners are fully capitalizing on the available space. Use adjustable organizers to achieve a scalable storage solution that evolves with your needs. These items are inexpensive and exceptionally simple to install.

4. Use Wall Mounts to Mount Baskets

Simple wall mount products can be used to hold a railing on which to hang storage baskets. These baskets can be used to store towels, extra shampoo bottles and a range of other bathroom products.

For those with kids, why not give them each their own basket to help further improve the level of organization within the bathroom?

5. Repurpose Plant Holders to Hold Appliances

Simple plant holder products can serve a dual purpose within the bathroom space. Firstly, they can help add style to the area. Secondly, they can be utilized to store products such as hair dryers, hair curlers and other bathroom accessories. Simply mount them to the wall to create a small storage space on a side wall.

Unfortunately these DIY answers aren’t always the sturdiest, so alternative storage options are a good idea to explore! Caddies made specifically for housing bathroom appliances are the perfect solution to organizing your hair dryers, straighteners and curlers without cluttering up your bathroom.

By decorating your bathroom with organizational products, you can add a sense of style and practicality that ensures a clean space for all to enjoy. Remember to speak with professionals before taking on installation projects alone!

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