5 decor ideas for your kids’ bathroom

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You and your youngsters don’t exactly have the same taste when it comes to style – so why decorate their bathroom as if you do? While you might prefer quiet elegance for your space, your kids like bold and exciting details. Go ahead and let them enjoy fun accessories. After all, decorating a kid-friendly bathroom provides a great opportunity to incorporate bright colors, fun images and a whimsical touch into your home’s interior design. Here are five ideas to get you inspired.

1. Don’t be afraid to choose more than one bright color

We adults often add a pop of color here and there to bring excitement into a room. In a kids’ bathroom, however, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one bold shade. Choose two or three complementing colors to design a cheerful and fun space your kids will love.

2. Hang up bathroom wall decals

Instead of hanging up sophisticated framed paintings, stick wall decals on the wall. You can choose a theme for the room, such as animals, and find various images to make your theme work. Since it’s the bathroom, consider creating an “underwater world” that features various sea animals.

3. Decorate with eye-catching patterns

If the kids’ bathroom is also a guest room, design a space with interesting patterns that both adults and children will love. Chevron, polka-dot, stripes and floral prints can all be both sophisticated and fun.

4. Use storage items as decor

The bathroom is primarily a functional space, which means there isn’t always a lot of room for decorative items. But you can accessorize the kids’ bathroom without sacrificing functionality by finding storage containers that are also stylish. For example, your toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and the containers you place on the counter to hold cotton balls or Q-tips can be both practical and decorative.

5. Don’t forget a step for the sink

If your little ones aren’t tall enough to wash their hands without a boost, add a decorative stepping stool that kids can easily use. A bench in a bright color or featuring a fun design provides an easy way to enhance the style and functionality of your kids’ bathroom.


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  • Amy says:

    I enjoyed the tips on kids’ bathrooms. Though I’m not inclined to go for “eye-catching patterns” or multiple “bright” colors, I do like the other recommendations. A step for the sink is definitely important so that my kids can actually use the sink. I also think it’s important to have a no-slip surface in the bathtub to reduce the chances of them falling. Another suggestion of mine is using colored light bulbs to add some color to the bathroom.

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