5 Easy Things You Can Do To Create A More Eco-friendly Bathroom

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When Earth Day rolls around, it’s a good reminder to try and practice the three tenets of being a good steward of the environment: reduce, reuse, recycle. When it comes to cultivating an eco-friendly bathroom, give some of these tips a try for keeping things green.

Rethink your shower routine
Long, hot showers feel amazing, however they also dry out your skin and waste a ton of water. Make your cleansing routine gentler on your skin as well as our fresh water supply and use a timer to make your session briefer. Installing aerators on your shower heads as well as your sink faucets also helps reduce water usage.

Invest in a high-efficiency toilet
When it’s time to replace your throne, a high-efficiency model is one easy and effortless way to cut back on your fresh water usage. Standard models use 7 gallons per flush, but today’s low-flow toilets use 1.5 gallons or fewer to get the job done.

Get smart with lighting
Replacing your bulbs with LED lights means you will use less energy, but they also give off a natural glow that’s much easier on the eyes than compact florescent bulbs. Plus they’re long-lasting.

Ditch the harsh chemical cleaners
When it’s time to shop for new cleaning supplies, avoid products that contain synthetic dyes, chlorine bleach, phosphates, ammonia or petroleum-derived ingredients. Even better, create your own cleaning tools using Earth-friendly ingredients like vinegar, borax, baking soda, castile soap and essential oils. They’re also light on the pocketbook and they do just as good a job at zapping dirt and germs.

Invest in high-quality tools
Choosing long-lasting tools and equipment will cut back on the amount of garbage you put back into the environment. Look for high-quality, sturdy materials that will last for years. For example, the LOOEEGEE Hygienic Toilet Squeegee is made with silicone and stainless steel and has a five-year warranty. It will not only outlast any plastic bristle brush, it also repels bacteria and reduces drips, making cleaning easier.

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