5 high-fi and 5 low-fi bathroom gadgets to add to your wish list

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-bathroom[1]When trying to design the ultimate bathroom, there’s often a mix of luxury and simplicity. Here are five high-tech upgrades that will blow your mind and five low-tech gadgets that you’ll love so much, you’ll use them every day.

High-tech wish list:

1. Smart scales
Modern scales now go beyond calculating just your weight; they can tell you your body fat percentage, CO2 levels, heart rate and more. All you have to do is step on and wait for the information to be analyzed.

2. Hidden speakers
Bathroom speakers have long been luxury items, but today’s speakers are smaller and higher in quality than ever before. Now, special speakers are built right into bathroom cabinets, so you can’t even see them.

3. Fancy faucets
Move over touchless faucets! Options that wash and dry your hands are the newest bathroom upgrade getting noticed. Squeaky-clean hands that are perfectly dry are now only 15 seconds away.

4. Spout thermometers
Knowing your ideal bath temperature is simple thanks to sleek spout thermometer covers. A convenient digital display shows the water’s temperature so you can make adjustments for the perfect bath every time.

5. Tech-savvy toilet
Handling your business has never been more luxurious than with tech-savvy toilets with features like heated seats, remote controls, jet-flushing systems, nightlights, air deodorizing and more.

Low-tech must-haves:

1. Trickle trays
Smartly designed trickle trays channel water from wet sponges and soap directly into the sink or tub. This eliminates a messy soap dish and aids in the drying process so sponges no longer smell. Genius!

2. Extendible squeegee
Modern squeegees are functional and aesthetically pleasing with their chrome designs, but you’ll really be wowed by expandable squeegee options that make it simple to reach the top of glass shower doors and enclosures.

3. Soap dispensers
Say goodbye to bottle chaos in the shower by installing a handy soap dispenser. Select from one to four chambers for easy access to your favorite bath-time goodies, sans unsightly clutter.

4. Spa seat
Shaving in the shower is no longer a balancing act when you have a spa seat where you can rest your foot. When you’re done, take a few minutes to sit, relax and let the shower steam work its magic.

5. Dimmer
Installing a dimmer for just a few dollars means you can select as much or little light as you’d like to create the perfect bathroom ambience.

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2 Responses to 5 high-fi and 5 low-fi bathroom gadgets to add to your wish list

  • Dylan C says:

    I had no idea that there were scales out there that did so much! I am currently looking for one to help keep our family in better shape and health. Do you have any idea where I could find one of these fancy scales? Do they sell them in store or is it something I need to order online?

  • Bronwyn S says:

    I like that there are so many ways to create a spa-like setting right in your home. We always have a lot of guests staying over so we’ve added a curve shampoo dispenser to the shower and people love it! I’m also very intrigued by the wash and dry touchless faucet- I really think it would be something that our guests would love it.

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