5 Inspiring Powder Rooms

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You have been staring at that outdated powder room for a while now. You keeping thinking to yourself, it is a place that guests will undoubtedly visit (and judge!) and you wish it could reflect your designer desires rather than an 80’s eye sore. With spring and change just around the corner, why not take a look at some awe inspiring powder rooms that will give you the ideas you need to renovate the restroom to a place you love! We’ve picked 8 favourites to get you started, why not continue and pick some of your own?

Powder Room

1. Do you love rustic touches, neutral tones, and a one of a kind basin that you just can’t live without? So do we! This powder room paired a stone back splash with fabulous impact light fixtures and a trendy sink to make this room look like it’s fresh from a chic cabin! For this look, see here! For an ultra-rustic wood design that is farm fresh, check out this room from Lynne Barton Bier.

2. For those hoping to create a spa-like setting that exudes Zen and elegance, take a peak this simple yet savvy restroom from Ashley Campbell Interior Designs out of Detroit. The floating pearlescent counter, textured accent wall, use of frosted glass for the bowl sink, and overall décor of white hues gives this space a sense of warmth, relaxation, and modern appeal. The simple lighting is a nice balance of soft and edgy. This powder room on Ocean Drive shares a similar look, take a peek here.

3. Hoping to create a room that will appeal to his masculine taste while checking off all the boxes in her modern décor desires? Look at this great space by Joshua Lawrence Studios INC. The slate grey wall colour, dark wood cabinets, and beautiful large tiled floors, blended with the granite counter tops and uniquely shaped basin marry the contemporary with the timeless as it is a room that you will love long term! The interesting use of the wall to wall mirror increases the sense of space while doubling the number of light fixtures at the same time. Simple art and small pops of colour make this room a winner for us!

4. Can’t help but love this feminine yet darkly dramatic powder room from Orange Coast Interior Design. The pale floors off-set with dark wood, dark door, dark damask walls, and crystal accents make this room a place you just can’t wait to show-off to your guests! The elegant light fixtures and oversized mirror brighten up this space just enough to make it dramatic yet dazzling!

5. Do you love the look of Shabby-Chic? If you love blending repurposed old furniture with new elements of design, then this powder room may be just the inspiration you need to get started. Garrison Hullinger Interior Designs mixes warm colours, a reclaimed dresser as a colourful vanity, and simple fixtures to bring this beautiful space to life. It’s both simple and effortless with a sense of fresh! This room can be a DIY project as you search for everything from the perfect vintage vanity to the unique artistic touches!

For more inspiration, visit the images of Houzz.com and start building your dream portfolio today!

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