5 Luxurious Showerheads for the Bathroom

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Sometimes the simplest things can make a huge difference and this is no less true in the case of showerheads. A good showerhead can be the deciding factor in taking your bathing experiences from blah to wow and will increase your overall satisfaction with your bathroom. Next time you consider a bathroom renovation, be sure to give these impressive showerheads a thought.

  1. Hansgrohe – Raindance Royale Showerhead:
  2. Hansgrohe - Raindance Royale Showerhead

    Featured in the Huot Residence in the Oriental Warehouse photo gallery on Houzz.com, this oversized, overhead showerhead design is sure to provide a superior bathing experience. The spacious shower area helps it feel more luxurious and the dark color and stainless steel accents contribute to the modern appeal of this washroom. The large window onto the master bedroom is a nice touch.

  3. Donbracht – Rain Sky E:
  4. Donbracht - Rain Sky E

    Another great overhead design, this one takes up the entire ceiling of the shower stall for maximum coverage. Never again will you struggle to fit under the warm water with this shower installed! Featured in the Gloucester Road Apartment photo gallery, this massive shower creates a rain-like experience and can be used with modern or eclectic styles.

  5. Kohler Devonshire Collection:
  6. Kohler Devonshire Collection

    This lovely blue shower is chock full of showerheads and body sprays to create a 360° bathing experience. Starting with an overhead showerhead and adding two additional showerheads and 2 body sprayers, this shower is sure to keep you wet and warm. Featured on Houzz, this bathroom is designed by BuilderFish. The lovely blue tiles and sparkly accent wall heighten the feeling of being in an underwater paradise. These taps and faucets are part of the Devonshire collection available from Kohler.

  7. Waterfall showerhead:
  8. Waterfall Showerhead

    This natural shower combines shake and stone for a cozy, traditional space. The waterfall style showerhead helps to maintain the sense of a natural space while the recessed shelf keeps everything you need within arms’ reach. Designed by Tyner Construction, this gorgeous shower is featured on Houzz. Stonework and showerhead courtesy of Hasting’s Tile & Bath.

  9. Shower without the Stall:
  10. Shower Without The Stall

    Using a similar showerhead to the Raindance Royale, this bathroom deserves a mention of its own for demonstrating beautifully that showers do not have to be enclosed in a small stall. This gorgeous bathtub will contain the water and prevent too much splashing while removing the need for a completely enclosed space. Free and open, this bathroom design is great for warmer climates or well-heated homes as it will not create the same steam shower affect as a stall. Featured on Houzz, this bathroom was designed by DMVF around the custom marble tub created by Viet Marble.