5 New Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom

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Washrooms are used more often than most other parts of the home, so décor, atmosphere and ambiance of this highly trafficked area shouldn’t be overlooked. Renovating your bathroom makes the space classier, more inviting, and in some instances neater than it was before.

Renovated Bathroom

Want a few tips on clever and interesting ways to makeover the space?

Vintage Is In

While you don’t have to go so far back in time when wash stands were used in the absence of indoor plumbing, you can imitate that combination of dark stained wood and a light coloured basin. The smaller the tabletop, the closer you’ll come to resembling this classic style.

Keeping your large items vintage chic and your smaller accessories a bright, modern chrome will give a beautiful, grand contrast.

Choose Minimalism for Simplicity

Guest bathrooms are usually on the smaller side. To free up space, many people have been choosing to install a pedestal sink. The table-top space is usually less useful in a guest bathroom, and you may find yourself filling up the empty sides with knick-knacks and decorations.

Reduce the clutter and give your bathroom new, clean lines that aren’t restricted to the boxy silhouette of a sink cabinet.

Install a Shower Door

Converting a bath into a shower is not a difficult job, and it helps to make even small bathroom spaces appear larger. Unless you have a vintage-style tub, chances are your bath doesn’t look very chic, and considering how busy most people’s lives are, it’s likely that the tub goes unused in households without children. Furthermore, when you close off the shower curtain, you see less of the bathroom, making it seem smaller than it actually is.

Whether you choose to turn your bath into a stand-alone shower or simply add a glass sliding door to your existing tub, removing an opaque shower curtain is a great way to add size to your room.

Beyond the Basic Towel Rack

The basic towel rack is good for hanging up one or two towels or articles of clothing, but for more storage, consider your alternatives as a way of introducing stylized furnishings into the bathroom.

A standalone rack is great because it’s large enough to make a statement while taking up otherwise empty space.

Tile the Walls

Anything that can absorb moisture in a bathroom often ends up looking dingy over time, be it wallpaper or a bare painted walls. Applying tile to the walls is dramatic and will look unlike any other room in the home. If it’s too drastic a change, consider choosing an interesting backsplash for the area behind the faucet that either accents or accommodates the rest of the room.

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