5 perfect colors for your bathroom remodel

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When it comes to the bathroom, we often default to color schemes of whites and naturals. But who made the rule that bathrooms can’t be colorful? In 2015 we predict more people will be remodeling their bathrooms to incorporate pops of color to add much-needed emotion and personality to the space. Here’s our top five color selections:

1. Palettes of beautiful blues
Blue is a wonderful color and is known to soothe and calm, making it a perfect choice when decorating a bathroom retreat. Consider colorful shades of turquoise to convey the essence of the tropics, periwinkle for a feminine touch, or blue-grays for a soft, nautical appeal.

2. Splashes of Marsalla
Marsalla, the Pantone Color of the Year, is quickly becoming a bathroom favorite. Accents in the warm reddish hue appeal to both men and women, and are prefect for an accent wall or row of decorative tile. If you want to add some spice to your bathroom space, marsalla is for you.

3. Graceful gorgeous greens
A top design trend is to add organic and natural elements to bathroom spaces. When you utilize green tones on the walls and in your linens, you give a nod to Mother Nature and create a space the evokes feelings of tranquility and harmony. Go bold with emerald or grass greens, or try something softer with olive green and mint. You can’t lose!

4. Purple makes the room pop
Purple has historically been associated with royalty, and when you use the right hues, your bathroom will become a special place in your own personal kingdom. Purple is the perfect option for a focal wall behind the mirror or the tub. Skip the crayon tones and instead opt for dramatic lavender, rich plum or a lovely magenta.

5. Make room for metallics
Metal tones are an awesome way to add a touch of luxury to your bath while giving it the style and edge you desire. Chrome is back en vogue, but go beyond fixtures to add touches of metallic charm with vases, artwork and even paint. A lovely gold or silver border is the perfect way to spice up an otherwise neutral color scheme, plus it’s practically timeless.


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  • Monika says:

    We are going to do a few home renos now that it’s the new year and painting the bathroom was one of the big one on my list! I’ve been looking at a bunch of different paint chips so this article was great. I find white and blue so boring for bathrooms, it was nice to get some insight into a few other options.

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