5 Plants To Decorate Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is the only space in your home dedicated to health, grooming, and hygiene, but it can be hard to keep the room clean and avoid cluttering it up with countless useful and pampering products. There are several tricks for keeping your bathroom organized, including discarding products you no longer use, limiting your favourite grooming products to a few crucial items, and organizing those that you really use on a regular basis neatly using accessories like shower caddies to store shampoo and conditioner bottles or storage containers for hair dryers and brushes.

Plants To Decorate Your Bathroom

Once you’ve tackled the clutter and brought some order to the essential items in the bathroom, you should now have a little space to add indoor plants. Not only do plants spruce up the space, the greenery also improves the air quality in your home and can boost your health by lowering stress levels and blood pressure. Considering that bathrooms are a low lit and moist environment, not all plants can grow well in these conditions.

Here are a few houseplants that are well suited for the bathroom:

  1. Peace Lily
  2. This beautiful houseplant can improve indoor air quality by as much as 60 percent. This is because the Peace Lily has the ability to absorb mold spores growing in your home through its leaves and convert them to food, purifying the air. In your bathroom, the Peace Lily will help to keep mildew away from the shower tiles and curtains and absorb harmful vapour from acetone and alcohol.

  3. The Aloe Plant
  4. A very common, succulent, ornamental plant, the Aloe Vera requires minimal light as too much sun can burn the plant. It also requires minimal water, which means that the humidity in your bathroom may be sufficient to keep it fairly healthy.

  5. The Bamboo Plant
  6. Bamboos grow very fast and very tall, but you can easily control their shape to create interesting plant designs for your bathroom.

  7. Orchids
  8. There are over 20,000 orchid species, all of which prefer warm and humid environments. Orchids are lovely perennials, though you only get to enjoy their beautiful flowers for part of the year.

  9. Snake plants
  10. Perfect for the space under your sink, the snake plant requires minimal water and light to survive, which makes it ideal for the bathroom. It is widely used as an ornamental plant, and is a great air purifier.

Take Good Care of your Houseplants

If you’re constantly forgetting to water your houseplants but still like the idea of indoor plants, it would be a good idea to start by purchasing plants for your bathroom. As you slow down at the end of the day while brushing your teeth and washing, you will be well placed to spot a wilting plant and remember to water it, especially since the source of water is right there.

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