5 simple tips to organize your bathroom cabinets

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Are your mornings one hectic jumble of searching for the right medicines, digging around for Q-tips and untangling hair tool wires? Stop beginning your day on a stressful note. Organize your bathroom cabinets with these easy tips:

Ask yourself one question

“Will I use this?” If you won’t, toss it straight into the trash. There’s no need to hold onto that hair-tamer tool you tried once three years ago. Don’t give up precious space for bathroom items you’ll never use again.

Use up what you have

If you’re planning to keep it, make sure you use it. Don’t be tempted by the latest sale at the salon. You know you have plenty of shampoo, conditioner and styling products in your bathroom at home. Buying more will only make your bathroom clutter worse.

Check expiration dates

You can clear a lot of clutter simply by looking at the expiration dates on your bathroom belongings. Did you know you should replace your mascara every three months? Holding onto expired makeup and bath products and using it when it gets old could cause skin problems and even infections.

Organize what’s left

Once you’ve done your deep clean, it’s time to keep the rest organized. Consider installing refillable soap dispensers by your vanity or in the shower to reduce the number of soap bottles lying around. You can also use bins, baskets and dividers to simplify the time you spend getting ready in the morning. If you’re short on cabinet space, try an over-the-door caddy to keep your other essentials within reach.

Use magnets for small essentials

If your medicine cabinet has a metal back, you can increase your storage potential for those pesky little items like bobby pins, hair ties and fingernail clippers. Use hot glue to attach a bright, printed fabric onto plain magnets. Snap them onto your medicine cabinet and you have a convenient spot to keep track of those tiny tools.

Don’t settle for a stressful, unorganized bathroom. Follow these tips to make your bathroom a clean, uncluttered oasis.

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