5 surprisingly simple steps to upgrade a master bathroom shower

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multi-item with aviva 3 chrome (matthew)The shower is the heart of the master bathroom and should offer an experience that leaves you feeling fresh, clean and a little bit pampered. If your master bathroom shower is more blah than beautiful, don’t worry; a few simple steps will upgrade the space instantly without requiring any expensive renovations.

Step 1: Cut clutter in style

Bottles and sponges and bars, oh my! With all your favorite products and shower necessities, clutter can accumulate quickly. Eliminate the mess with a sleek multi-chamber dispenser that holds soap, shampoo, conditioner and more. Finish with a shower caddy to keep sponges, loofahs and shaving supplies in one convenient place.

Step 2: Sit back, boost relaxation

Love showers but long for the relaxation of a bath? Now you can sit back and let the shower steam work its magic with an elegant and versatile spa seat. A sleek, stylish shower seat upgrades your experience, making it easy to shave legs, scrub the bottoms of feet or simply sit for a moment as the hot water melts away stress.

Step 3: Set the mood with soothing sounds

An amazing shower experience will appeal to all senses. Set your master bath shower apart from the standard with music. Affordable shower-safe sound systems let you play calming music at night to relax before bed or upbeat tunes in the morning when you want to get energized for the day.

Step 4: Smart additions streamline tasks

Let’s be honest: showering is about more than just relaxation, it’s also about getting clean. Make daily tasks easier with smart shower additions. For example, a stylish fog-free bathroom shower mirror makes grooming a breeze. Now men can get a close-up shave without ever leaving the shower.

Step 5: Add a luxurious finishing touch

A pampering shower experience doesn’t end when you shut off the water. Complete your master bathroom shower upgrade with a stylish towel warmer. Simply turn it on when you enter the shower and by the time you are done, a warm, dry towel will wick off moisture, providing an experience similar to that of a high-end spa

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