5 things people do to maximize their time on the “throne”

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A trip to the commode, John, lavatory, throne – it doesn’t matter what you call it, visiting the toilet is something we all do. But today, time on the toilet goes well beyond simply handling the obligatory bodily functions. People are taking those few precious minutes to maximize their day and sometimes have a little fun in the process.

Here are five things people do frequently on the throne. Are you guilty of doing any?

Read: It’s not surprising that reading is one of the most common activities people do while on the toilet. If you have a toilet caddy, your favorite magazines, newspapers and books are just an arm’s length away. Wrap up that chapter or get caught up on the latest sports stats while handling No. 1 and No. 2. Either way, this is multitasking at its finest!

Relax: Time on the throne might be your only “me moment” of the day, so use it for a bit of R&R. Day dream, close your eyes and meditate, or simply unplug. This is the perfect escape, especially for busy parents who rarely get time away from the kiddos. 5 blissful minutes behind a locked door can feel a little bit like heaven.

Think: In a chaotic world much clarity can come when you’re simply sitting on the toilet waiting for business to happen. It becomes the ideal time to think. Whether you’re simply thinking of the things you need at the grocery store or you decide to ponder the meaning of life, don’t be surprised at what the mind conjures while on the John. Best to keep a pad of paper nearby to capture those brilliant ideas.

Sculpt: For the artistic sort or those with restless hands, toilet paper holds a world of inspiration. Spend your time in the bathroom creating the ultimate toilet paper sculpture! Its soft pliability makes it a surprisingly versatile material for making fantastic creations. Love what you made? Emerge from the bathroom to show off your art. Hate it? Well, you need to wipe anyway, right?

Surf: No, not the sea … the Internet! Mobile devices are our frequent companions inside the bathroom and out, and while some may argue about the hygienic repercussions of doing so, many people go online while on the commode. Spend the time scoping out a great deal or checking email. You can even get updated on your social media accounts; be careful, however, to skip the “add a location” feature to your post, as your friends are likely to think that’s just too much information.

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