5 Things That Instantly Make The Guest Bath Feel Luxurious

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If you want to give your guests the four-star treatment, an excellent place to begin is the guest bathroom. These are some upgrades and amenities you can try that will make your bathroom look and feel like a luxurious spa retreat … without breaking the bank!

Add elbow room to your shower — Even with a traditional tub/shower combination, a hotel-inspired curved shower rod opens up the space and gives your guests extra elbow room.

Keep the extra rolls visible — No one likes going on a frantic search into bathroom drawers and cupboards. Keep the spare rolls in plain sight and easy reach with the Toilet Caddy from Better Living. Bonus: It comes with a magazine rack so you can even provide some reading material.

Invest in fluffy towels — Settle for nothing less than the good stuff, and look for thick, fluffy two-ply towels made with Egyptian or Pima cotton. To make your guests feel extra pampered, you can’t go wrong with a wall-mounted towel warmer.

Install a speaker — Seriously. Thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth technology, there’s no reason why your guests can’t stream their favorite tunes right into the bathroom in crisp, clear definition. Some are ceiling mounted while others double as a bathroom fan.

Have a seat — If space allows, a comfy chair or even a handy stool will make the space a much nicer spot for getting ready and recharging one’s batteries.

Little touches and thoughtful amenities can elevate the guest bath from a slap-dash afterthought to a welcoming space that makes a visit to your abode an unforgettable experience.

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