5 Tips To Create A Romantic Bathroom

Posted By Better Living in Organized Bath

Today’s bathrooms are not only places where you shower; they are also places where romance unfolds and where people can relax and pamper themselves after a long day. Here are five tips for creating the perfect romantic retreat.

Romantic Bathroom

  1. Focus on Colour
    One of the most important elements when creating a romantic bathroom is colour. However, colour is ultimately personal; in other words, choose a colour that best captures the essence of romance for you personally. A few examples include black and white (a classic romantic bathroom), blue and tan can create the romantic feeling that you’re by the ocean or at a seaside cottage, and a combination of burgundy and pink is reminiscent of a romantic honeymoon.
  2. Lighting Is Important
    Romance is all about mood setting; one of the best ways to create mood in any space is to focus on lighting. Opt for soft, adjustable lighting. If you are in the process of remodelling, you can also consider fitting your bathtub with underwater lights.
  3. Invest in a Luxury Feature
    Investing in a luxury feature for your bathroom can elevate the feeling of romance in your bathroom. Examples here include soaking tubs or multi spray showers. Since the bathtub and/or shower is often the centerstage when it comes to romance, focusing your efforts on these fixtures is key.
  4. Romantic Accessories
    A couple of carefully selected decorations and bathroom accessories like candles and flowers, as well as a couple of relaxing bathroom essentials like plush towels and bubble bath can complete the feeling of romance in your bathroom. If you truly want to take romance to the next level, consider adding a remote-controlled sound system to your bathroom.
  5. Organization Is Key
    If there is one thing that will quickly detract from the romantic vision you have for your bathroom it is a disorganized, cluttered bathroom. A paired down, minimalist bathroom, on the other hand, compliments a romantic theme well. A bathroom organizer can keep your space organized and clutter-free by ensuring that all of your bathroom necessities have a designated space; this is ultimately the key to organization regardless of the space.

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