5 Tips for Adding Functionality and Style to Smaller Bathrooms

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For those living in condos or apartments, the smaller bathroom space can restrict the design appeal of the home.

Style To Smaller Bathrooms

It can be challenging to fit the most stylish elements within a restrictive space, but with the right design expertise at their side, and a commitment to creativity and versatility, the ideal additions can be made to small bathroom spaces. Within this latest post, we’ll look at five tips for adding functionality and style to smaller bathrooms.

1. Install a Corner Sink Area

The first mistake many beginner home designers make when updating their small bathroom spaces is placing a sink flat against one of the room’s walls. This can leave the homeowner with little room to maneuverer within their small bathroom.

That’s why it’s important to install the sink within the corner of the room. Using the corner this way opens the room up and allows for simple opening of shower doors and movement from the toilet area to the sink.

2. Extend the Placement of Counters over the Toilet

It’s rare for homeowners to require immediate access to the back of their toilet, which is why homeowners might consider extending counters above the toilet area to save on space.

This allows for the placement of items such as toilet paper and haircare products on shelves away from the sink to allow for more room while getting ready. In addition, this style of design works to give the bathroom a minimalist appeal that is both clean and modern.

3. Use Large Patterns for Wallpaper and Flooring

It’s a design trick used predominantly by the leading home stagers. Using large patterns on wallpaper and flooring gives the impression that the room is larger than it actually is. It tricks the eye into seeing an extension of the space and helps improve the streamlined appeal of the smaller bathroom.

4. Remove the Shower Door

The shower door is one of those items that can further restrict the small amount of space within the bathroom. Instead of using a shower door, which opens up and leaves little wiggle room, homeowners might consider the use of a glass panel, which can be slid in and out when using the shower.

5. Use Chrome Covered Accessories

Having a mirror can amplify the feel of the room, but having many does the job twice as well. Install chrome or silver covered accessories to magnify and reflect the room; adding to its sense of grandeur.

By understanding the effective use of design and dimensions, homeowners can revitalize their bathroom spaces and make a lasting impression on guests. To discover more design tips, speak with our expert team today!

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