5 Tips for Keeping Bathroom Bacteria Away

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Our bathrooms are high traffic areas. Besides showering, teeth brushing and “business doing,” we use our bathrooms to wash our hands, shave, put on makeup and take well-deserved baths.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

For the amount of time we spend in our lavatories daily, they should be the cleanest room in the house. However, bacteria can build in our bathrooms because they make a humid environment where germs love to gather.

There are ways for you to overcome the nasty microbes that build in your bathroom! Follow these five tips to create a clean and healthy environment:

1. Flush with the lid down

Every time you flush with the lid open, germs escape.

By closing the toilet’s lid when you flush, you’re preventing the bacteria that live on the seat and in the bowl from spraying. The highest levels of bacteria are found right after a flush, so this small step helps in greatly reducing the spread of germs in your bathroom.

2. Don’t share towels

Every person in your house should get their own hand towel. You can colour code the towels to avoid confusion – Jenny gets red, Ron gets blue – and products like the B.Smart Towel Holder can help keep everyone’s towel separate. You should also remember to wash hand towels every 2-3 days to prevent bacteria from forming.

3. Keep on top of simple cleaning

Wipe down high-touch surfaces like faucets, doorknobs and handles as they’re huge germ hangouts. If you keep disinfectant spray or wipes under the sink, you’ll have them at your disposal and can clean your high-touch surfaces in-between regular full bathroom cleanings. You should also make a point to clean your bathroom from top to bottom weekly, this will also help defeat spread of bacteria.

4. Clean your bathmat

Launder your bathmat weekly and keep bacteria at bay. Bathmats sit on the floor in front of the tub collecting germs. On some days they never dry completely, making them a breeding ground for microbes. They can become moldy and make you very sick. Washing your bathmat once a week at the highest temperature (with bleach if possible) is a dependable way to keep bacteria away and your bathroom clean!

5. Store toothbrushes in your medicine cabinet

After you brush your teeth your toothbrush stays wet, attracting bacteria. You can blow-dry your toothbrush after every use, but must people don’t have time for that. Instead, store your toothbrushes in your medicine cabinet so when they don’t dry right away, they’ll still be protected from unwanted airborne micro-organisms.

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  • Mirka says:

    I have had problems in the past with my kids either not changing the towels often enough or throwing them in the dirty laundry every time they use one. I got the smart towel holder on a whim and was really impressed by how quick it made our towel situation disappear. Now each of my kids have their own designated hand towel and know when to get a fresh one. No more throwing the blame on someone else!

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