5 tricks for a cleaner bathroom – no elbow grease required!

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While you might get squeaky clean in it during your morning shower, your bathroom might be a chaotic mess of clutter, dribbles and soap spots. Fortunately, the most frequented room in the house doesn’t have to look like a danger zone. Keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean with a few time-saving tricks that don’t even require you to bust out the rubber gloves:

1. Trickle trays

Eliminate soft, sticky soap from dripping down the shower surround or on the countertop with a trickle tray. The perfect replacement for messy soap dishes, trickle trays sit on the edge of the sink or tub to hold soap while channeling dripping water and suds directly toward the drain, plus it increases air flow to help with the drying process so your bar is never mushy again.

2. Squeegee

The water drops on the walls after your shower leave residue and promote mildew growth. To keep walls clean and tidy, add a squeegee and take 10 seconds after every shower to wipe down the walls. Have extra-tall shower walls? No problem. An extendable squeegee lets you wipe down even tall corners with ease.

3. Toilet caddies

Stacks of newspapers, magazines and rolls of paper towels will make even the grandest master bath look messy. Keep clutter contained and still have all your necessities nearby with a toilet caddie. There are even caddie designs with a special platform to hold your smartphone while spending time on the throne!

4. Dispensers

The tub and shower take up a lot of bathroom real estate, and if that space is cluttered with bottles and showering necessities of all shapes and sizes, the entire room will look dirtier. Corral items with a multi-chamber soap and shampoo dispenser that is easily and securely mounted on the wall within minutes.

5. Drawer organizers

Get rid of countertop clutter with smart organizers for drawers and cabinets. The only things that should be on the vanity top are soap and perhaps lotion. Other supplies should be put away daily. Plastic containers are a smart way to organize cosmetics and hygiene tools, lazy Susans can make the most out of deep drawer spaces, and mason jars are ideal for medicine cabinets.

3 Responses to 5 tricks for a cleaner bathroom – no elbow grease required!

  • John D. Flynn says:

    I’ve been using shampoo and soap dispensers for a few months now in my bathroom and it’s made a big difference in the clutter. Everything is sleek and compact now, the way it should be in the bathroom. Excellent product.

  • Marla J says:

    I got my husband the smartphone caddie for his birthday (I know, kind of an off-colour gift) but honestly he LOVES it! He goes in there and puts on a show or check his facebook and has a grand old time. I’ve even moved it so I can watch things when I’m in the tub, haha. Definitely worth giving it a try.

  • Sheila Conolly says:

    My mother moved in with us a couple of months ago so I’ve been ultra conscious of removing harzards incase she hurts herself – soap is a huge hazard so I got one of these tickle trays. The delivery was speedy (and the price was right!) and since then I haven’t had to worry about her slipping and falling in the shower. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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