5 bathroom trends we don’t want back!

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Bathroom-Renovation-before-AfterMany bad bathroom design trends have come and gone, and that means we get to look back and laugh at some of the ugliest features that we once all thought were beautiful. Consider these examples and how the styles have evolved to become more modern and chic:

1. Pink toilets and sinks: Pink was an iconic decorating color in the 1950s, and the room that showcased the soft hue most often was the bathroom. Sinks and tubs in bubble-gum pink colors were common, even in the White House and other stately buildings across North America.

Modern update: Shades of white and cream make up the majority of toilets and tubs today. These hues look clean and blend with a variety of aesthetics, which makes them broadly appealing.

2. Carpet: Throughout the decades, some designers decided the idea of carpet in bathrooms was a good one. They were wrong. While stepping out of the shower onto soft flooring is comfortable, the amount of mold and mildew likely growing on it from the room’s high humidity is cringe-worthy.

Modern update: Skip the health hazard and use tile flooring or modern laminate flooring that mimics today’s most popular upscale materials. Then, just add a bathmat for comfort when getting out of the shower.

3. Bold laminate countertops: Have you ever seen a bright orange or aqua countertop in a bathroom? It probably dates to the 1970s when Formica countertops were made in virtually every color of the rainbow.

Modern update: Vanity tops often come in more subdued hues, and due to the smaller size of most bathrooms, people splurge on countertop updates in granite, quartz or marble.

4. Terrible tile – Tile and its inherent water-resistant qualities make it a great option for the bathroom. But there has been a lot of questionable tile design in years past, including patterns of pea green and dirt brown. Ugh!

Modern update: Today, tile comes in every shape, size and color under the sun, but subway tiles in shades of white and gray are the most popular for bathrooms, providing a modern yet timeless look.

5. Over-the-top florals: From the bold neon floral wallpaper of the 60s to the intricate floral valances and accessories of the 80s, florals have played a starring role in bathroom design through many decades – maybe a bit too much.

Modern update: Big florals have been replaced by more subtle touches of organic flare. Natural materials like bamboo and cotton support designs with accents of nature for an overall Zen-type feel.


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  • Jamie Denis says:

    I couldn’t agree more, carpet in the bathroom is the worst! When I moved into the house I live in now the first thing I did was rip up the carpet and replace it with tiling. I don’t know who’s bright idea that was in the first place but I’ll say the place looks and smells a whole lot better now.

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