5 Ways To Make Your Apartment Bathroom Less Dreary

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Apartment bathrooms can be dreary spaces. If you live in an older building, these rooms seem to be designed with a 1950s bachelor in mind, someone who keeps no more than six products at a time (soap, razor, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and maybe a bottle of aspirin).

Factor in the outdated accessories and battered tub; your apartment bathroom is not a very soothing place to spend time. Here are some inexpensive bathroom ideas that will take your apartment bathroom from drab to fab.

1. Deep clean: Sadly, stained grout and shower heads clogged with mineral deposits can be perennial features of the apartment bathroom. Here is a four-step plan to give your shower a deep clean without harsh chemicals.

2. Walls: If a new paint job is not allowed, removable wallpaper is the perfect solution. Once you choose your favorite colors and print, just measure, cut and stick, voila! Your apartment bathroom looks much cheerier. When it’s time to move out, it should peel off easily, without lifting the paint job behind it.

3. Storage: Install open wall shelves and arrange your essentials to make them tidy and decorative. Use bowls and glass canisters to display bath salts and bath bombs. Another great storage solution is the ROLLO Toilet Tissue Reserve from Better Living. It comes in two attractive designs and four finishes, keeping spare rolls within reach, without taking up tons of floor space.

4. Updated accessories: Swap accessories with newer updates, such as the toilet seat, drawer handles/knobs and shower head. Then, clean and store apartment-issued items in a box until moving day.

5. Finishing touches: Hang a framed photograph or painting on the wall for another punch of color. Lay a colorful area rug to cover ugly and outdated floor tile. Purchase an attractive dispenser to dress up the sink space.

Now that you have a plan to bring cheer to your dreary apartment bathroom, shop for the accessories you need at dispenser.com.

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