6 Best Upgrades For Your Teen’s Bathroom

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When it comes to designing a bathroom for your teen, there are endless possibilities. Whether it involves using decals, tiles or anything else, you can take an average bathroom and turn it into something your teen will love to call his or her own.

Teen's Bathroom

If you’re looking for some ideas, this article is going over our six best upgrades for your teen’s bathroom, all of which will give you the most bang for the buck and perfect for the do-it-yourself crowd.


With teens, what is stylish and trendy today can be dated and uncool tomorrow. With this in mind, bathroom upgrades that incorporate removable decals are a great investment. You’ll be able to find decals in different colors, designs and sizes, which will allow you to customize the bathroom to fit the tastes of your teen. And, because the decals are removable, you’ll be able to take them down and replace them as required.

#2. Tiles

As you no doubt already know, there are tiles of all sorts of sizes and colors – and you can even buy tiles with graphics to really customize your teen’s bathroom. You can use tiles on the floor or wall, allowing you to customize the entire area. If your teen has a preference in terms of color schemes or themes, be sure to incorporate this preference when selecting tiles.

#3. Paint

If you want to upgrade your teen’s bathroom, you can try painting the walls a bright color and, to maximize the impact using white and black details. You can add a unique mirror to really give the bathroom some character.

#4. Dream Theme

Giving your teen’s bathroom a theme based on his or her favorite vacation is a great upgrade idea. For instance, if your teen’s dream vacation hotspot is Hawaii, you can buy a shower curtain that has pictures of palm trees or paint the wall in a nice yellowish color so as to brighten up the room. You can also pay homage to the location in question via the tiling, accessories or hung art.

#5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be an effective upgrade technique if it is done thoughtfully. With wallpaper, you can select something that can transform your teen’s bathroom into a really unique space, but you have to ensure you’re using a wallpaper that can withstand a high amount of moisture. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck with sagging and peeling walls within a month.

#6. A Shampoo Dispenser

Personal grooming has become more important than ever to teenagers, with hair care at the top of their priority list. However, having an array of shampoo and bottles about leaves less room for their bath bombs, loofahs and other shower accessories. Install a shower dispenser like the three chamber Euro dispenser for easy access to what they want the most, without the mess.

There are endless things you can do to upgrade your teen’s bathroom. The aforementioned tips will help you to make the washroom look nicer and trendier – and it won’t cost an arm or a leg.

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