6 Great Plants To Enliven Your Bathroom

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It’s not hard to find the benefits of keeping a plant or two in the bathroom. Many tropical species thrive on moisture and low lighting. In return, they’ll more than reward you with their soft, leafy elegance in a room filled with hard surfaces. These are some benefits of keeping houseplants.

  • A famous study by NASA found that houseplants can improve the air quality by removing toxins from the air, including formaldehyde and benzene, along with other chemicals. (Not that you can ditch the fan, but still.)
  • Plants produce oxygen, even if it’s just a little bit.
  • Finally, plants make people happy. Research shows being in the presence of plants calms the sympathetic nervous system, lowers blood pressure and promotes feel-good feelings.

Use plants to add a touch of elegance to the bath

If your goal is to make the bath a space for renewal and relaxation while adding a touch of elegance, a plant or two is clearly a good addition. Dress up your space with one of these bathroom-friendly plants.

Orchid: If you understand how to take care of them, they don’t need much attention and they’ll bask in the humidity of your long showers.

Philodendron: An easy-care plant that can survive a windowless room and occasional neglect.

Aloe Vera: With a little know-how, you can even harvest the gel from its leaves for skin treatments. For example, add the gel to a bit of sugar to make an exfoliating scrub.

Boston Fern: Placed on a hanging hook, this gorgeous plant can double as a natural privacy screen.

Grape Ivy: Place on a high shelf or cabinet, and it will develop a nice, trailing drape of green leaves.

Air Plants: Officially known as tillandsias, these light and spidery plants provide interesting textures and do great in a humid bathroom. If it’s not getting enough moisture, all you have to do is mist it.

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