6 ingenious ideas to declutter your bathroom

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Let’s face it – bathrooms are busy places where a lot of clutter tends to accumulate. There’s no better time to take control than the present! Whether you are preparing for company or just want to manage the mess better, consider these six clever ways to declutter your bathroom and make it the star of your home.

1. Clear the countertops
You may use a lot of items to get ready each day, but that doesn’t mean they should take over your countertops. Give your bathroom an instantly clean look by putting items away in drawers and cabinets. Old and expired makeup and personal hygiene products should get tossed or recycled.

2. Cut chord chaos
Curling irons, flat irons and electronic shavers all have chords that get tangled and messy in drawers. Eliminate the clutter (and morning frustration) by cutting PVC pipes and adhering the pieces vertically to the inside of the vanity door. One piece can hold the item and another can contain the chord – easy access, easy cleanup!

3. Organize throne time
Your time spent on the throne is clutter-free and easy when you add a toilet caddy to your bathroom. Smart designs hold multiple rolls of toilet paper and include a magazine rack so you have everything you need at your fingertips. No more stacks on the toilet tank!

4. Maximize storage space
Use every inch of every drawer and cabinet by adding smart storage solutions. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean spending a ton of money on expensive organizers. Lazy susans are great for maximizing cabinet space and making sure nothing gets lost in the back corners. For drawers, use mason jars and recycled plastic food containers to keep clutter at bay.

5. Find hidden storage spaces
Look up and down and all around! Sometimes storage spaces are where you least expect them. No room for a towel rack? Install bars on the back of the door. Not sure where to put washrags and hand towels? Hang a basket on the wall with the opening facing outward and roll up towels for a pretty and useful presentation. Need more storage? Install a shelf on the top of the door and place items in pretty bins.

6. Eliminate shower clutter
Bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soaps can make any shower look messy. Fortunately, it’s extremely affordable and incredibly easy to install a multi-chamber dispenser and load it with all of your favorite bath products. Not only will you love the lack of clutter, but the convenience of having all your products within reach away makes shower time simple.


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  • Maurice says:

    I saw someone else hang up a few hooks for all their electronic beauty things so I gave it a shot myself and it’s organized the bathroom much better. I feel more relaxed knowing my bathroom doesn’t look like a tornado went through every time I have to go out.

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