6 Inspiring Powder Rooms

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The design of a powder room is very important: not only does it have to meet specific functional requirements, but most people also want a room that they spend such large amounts of time in to look its best as well. To help inspire you to create your ideal powder room with perfectly balanced form and function, we have put together this list of 6 powder rooms that did it right.

Vintage Nouveau Home

Vintage Nouveau Home

Designed by: Hillary Thomas Designs

This charming blue and white bathroom has an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that evokes the sea through art, color, and contrast. The strong turquoise color is simply brilliant and the little touches like the starfish help to soften the saturated color. The white paneling and ceiling provide good structure to the design, while most of the accents fall within the intense blue zone. The corner sink is a great way of minimizing its footprint and saving space in such a small room.

Private Residence 7 in Southwest Florida
Private Residence 7

Designed by: Collins & DuPont Design Group

Rustic and full of warm colors, this powder room evokes an atmosphere closer to nature with its natural stone walls and the wood cabinetry. The bowl sink adds to the rustic feeling of the space.

Apple Farm
Apple Farm

Designed by: Moon Bros Inc.

Another gorgeous, rustic design. This powder room used a mirror framed in an assortment of twigs and sticks to create a focal point that contrast with the gray, pebble wall. The wooden counter complements the natural wood frame well and helps to give the whole space a very modern cottagey vibe.

Ocean Drive Condo
Ocean Drive Condo

Designed by: 2 ID Interiors

Returning to the traditional bathroom palette of white and creams, this clean-lined, eclectic bathroom perfectly marries traditional materials with modern finishes and fixtures. The rough stone walls and matte stone floor are a good balance to the natural lightness and brightness of the room, while the white walls and counter almost seem to glow in the well-lit space.

Home on the Range
Home On The Range

Designed by: Home on the Range Inc.

With the use of wood, this perfectly rustic powder room design takes many recycled elements to create a homey, family farm type of feel. The bucket sink and recycled window frame used for the mirror are particularly nice touches to such a small space. Designing a trendy powder room in your home with this rustic barn interior can definitely create a warm and welcoming bathroom oasis for both yourself and your guests.

SJC Dramatic Remodel
SJC Dramatic Remodel

Designed by: Orange Coast Interiors

Rich, luxurious, and darkly welcoming, this stunning powder room is the height of modern fashion. The large mirror perfectly captures the light from the dramatic fixtures and balances the dark walls exquisitely. The gray countertop and floor serve to lighten the overall mood without the traditional contrast of black and white and the patterned walls deliver an unrivaled sense of wealth.