6 simple steps for preparing the bathroom for holiday guests

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American Automobile Association estimated 94.5 million people traveled 50 miles or more from home during the year-end holiday season in 2013, and that’s just in the United States. Will 2014 see increased numbers of holiday travelers?

If you’re someone who opens your home to holiday guests, you know that visitors add to the merriment of the season. Whether they stay for a day or a week, you want holiday guests to be comfortable. One space that can quickly get crowded is the bathroom. After all, more people means more morning showers, more daily primping and in general, many more visits. The door may be shut more often than it is open!

Fortunately, you can give guests an awesome experience by preparing your bathroom now for the upcoming holiday hubbub. A few thoughtful steps will have them feeling like they are at a 5-star hotel:

1. Clean and tidy
The first step when preparing for holiday guests is to clean the bathroom. Tidy the space and get rid of clutter. Items that rarely get used, like that big barrel curling iron, should be stored elsewhere or donated.

2. Drawer/shelf space
While you’re cleaning, clear a drawer and some shelf space for your guests’ items. That way they can store what they need nearby for convenience.

3. Shower necessities
Travelers don’t want to lug around big bottles of shampoo and shower products, and if they travel by plane, it’s simply not an option. Tell guests not to worry and install a multi-chamber dispenser in the shower, then fill it with your favorite products.

4. Shower upgrades
Make the shower an indulgent experience for guests with a few upgrades like a new shower head and fresh towels. A shower mirror and spa seat add a touch of luxury that will invite guests to linger a little longer.

5. Extra paper products
Any hotel will stock extra paper products. From tissues to toilet paper, make sure to have extras in the room where guests can easily find them.

6. Welcome basket
Finally, a small basket with a few necessities can really set a welcoming tone. Fill the basket with bottles of water, travel toothpastes, toothbrushes, fresh wash rags and any other small items you think your guests would appreciate.


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