6 ways to beat bad bathroom odors

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Calming colors, bamboo sticks, soothing music – there are many ways to turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. No matter how you to decide to decorate and design your bathroom, one thing is certain: the bad odors need to go. After a long day, there’s nothing worse than trying to relax in the bath and having to resist the urge to plug your nose instead. A fresh scent is essential for any bathroom. These six strategies will help you eliminate the odors in yours.

1. Turn on the fan

The overhead vent fan is designed to reduce moisture in the bathroom, and it can reduce odors as well. The fan combats odors by preventing the growth of mildew and by circulating fresh air, so turn on the fan when using the shower or bath for a more pleasant experience.

2. Open the window and keep the door open when not in use

This is especially important when you have the fan turned on. By opening the window, you are letting fresh air into the bathroom, which the fan then circulates throughout the room. Leaving the door open when the bathroom is not being used prevents the air from going stale.

3. Clean more frequently

Cleaning is rarely considered a fun pastime, but it can help control the odor problem in your bathroom. Scrub the toilet bowl regularly and wipe down the surfaces where mold and mildew can form.

4. Light a candle

Lighting a candle, spraying an air freshener or using essential oils can all help turn bad odors into good ones. It’s important that these solutions aren’t the only strategies you try, as they often just mask the smell instead of removing odors.

5. Wash your towels and curtains

Dirty towels and shower curtains can lead to a smelly bathroom. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh by washing your towels at least once a week. If you have a fabric curtain, you’ll want to wash that as well.

6. Take out the trash regularly

If you have a trash can with a lid, this will help eliminate odors. That being said, it’s still important to take out the trash when bad odors start to develop. If needed, wash the trash bin’s interior to prevent odors from lingering.


2 Responses to 6 ways to beat bad bathroom odors

  • Matthew says:

    I hate a smelly bathroom, especially if I’m trying to soak in the tub. I find that the best thing to do is to keep the window open. That gets rid of most of the bad odors. I also like to use cleaning products with nice, citrusy aromas, as well as poo pourri.

  • Jessica says:

    Good recommendations. But you missed an obvious one – use air freshener. You can get a can of air freshener or deodorizer at many stores, even dollar stores, and it’s a cheap way to keep our bathroom smelling great. We also use the suggestions in #2 and #4.

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